Big Bend NP-December-2004
The week before Christmas, 2004,l my wife and I camped out for five nights in the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend National Park. The 1500 foot climb up from the basin, elevation 5600 feet, provides stunning views of the mountains and deserts beyond. The first four days and nights were cool and clear, affording outstanding photographs of the moon and  starry skies and desert scenes lit only by moonlight. The last evening, a front roared through, dropping the temperature into the lower 20's and bringing a chilly fog that filled up the desert and covered the trees with frost. The winds blew clouds on and off the usually arid peaks, shrouding them in ever-changing mist. These unusual conditions provided unusual views, as seen in some of the later images, below. 

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_MG_2118-KarenInLegunaMeadow _MG_2161-PinnaclesTrail _MG_2243-BootCanyon _MG_2284-KarenClimbingEmoryPeak _MG_2392-JuniperCanyonMoon _MG_2424-Moon-2 _MG_2460-MexicanJay _MG_2506-NortheastRimTerrace _MG_2510-ElephantTusk _MG_2690-MoonlightAndOrionOnSouthEastRim-uncompressed_filtered-desaturated _MG_2804-SoutheastRimWindowFramedWithSotolAndPine _MG_2805-NortheastRimTerraceView _MG_2810-SouthRimViewOfMuleEar _MG_2816-MuleEarTelephotoFromSouthRim _MG_2821-SouthRimLookingEast _MG_2842-BootCanyonGrass _MG_2852-BootCanyonGrass-2 _MG_2854-BootCanyonTrail _MG_2948-JuniperCanyonFromNortheastRim _MG_2971-CloudsOnEmoryPeak _MG_3051-FallColorsNearColimaJunction _MG_3089-SunriseOverSoutheastRim _MG_3162-DesertClouds-3 _MG_3164-FoggyFrostyMorning _MG_3177-FoggyViewFromSW3-2 _MG_3188-HotDrinkOnAColdMorning _MG_3192-FoggyTrees _MG_3200-FoggyTrees-2 _MG_3203-FoggySW3 _MG_3209-FrostyTrees _MG_3212-FrostyMorning _MG_3214-FrostyMorning-2
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