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About the Photos

     The images on this site were captured digitally and constitute a small sample of my photographic work. Anyone interested in images of the type shown here can contact me. 

     I took most of the photographs displayed here at secluded, wilderness locations in the Western U.S. accessible only by one or more days of strenuous hiking or backpacking. Among my favorite back country areas are Wemenuche Wilderness, east of Durango, Colorado; Bridger Wilderness in southwest Wyoming; Big Bend National Park in far west Texas; Yosemite National Park (specifically the relatively secluded, northeastern region accessible from Bridgeport, California); and Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks, Utah. In addition, the Texas Gulf Coast is a haven for many tropical and semi-tropical birds and other wildlife. Alligators and many striking birds, such as roseate spoonbills, ibis and herons, can be seen in more accessible locations near Galveston, Texas. See the wildlife gallery for examples. 

This 12-foot alligator greeted people on a warm November afternoon at Brazos Bend State Park, Texas

This twelve foot alligator lounged on a bank near a popular walking trail in Brazos Bend State Park, Texas. Needless to say, he attracted a lot of attention from passers by. 

     For the technically inclined 

     From 2001 until October, 2004, I used a 5 mega pixel, Sony DSC-F707 camera. Since that time, I have used an 8.3 mega pixel Canon 20D with a collection of Canon lenses, including EF24-70L f/2.8, EF17-35L f/2.8 and EF70-300 DO IS. (The 20D images are in the Coastal Wildlife and the Big Bend-2004 gallery.)

     There are logistical issues in taking a large number digital images in isolated areas on trips of a week or more. On a  seven to twelve day backpacking trip, I carry multiple camera batteries. I routinely shoot three images of each scene using exposure bracketing, and download images each day to each of two portable hard drives (Digital Wallet™ and Super Digibin-2™), creating redundant backups. I power the hard drives with Powerbin-4000™ lithium ion external battery packs designed specifically to connect directly to the Super Digibin-2. To power the Digital Wallet™ with the Powerbin-4000™, I  constructed a simple, custom connector cable from readily available, modular DC power jacks purchased at Radio Shack™. I have also constructed appropriate connectors that permit the Powerbin-4000™ to power the Sony F707 and the Canon 20D as an emergency in case I run out of battery power from the proprietary camera batteries. 

Here I take a break to download pictures to a Super Digibin-2 On multi-day backpacking trips I transfer images from memory cards to portable hard drives. Here my clothing shielded me from the hoards of  mosquitoes that infest the stunningly magnificent Bridger Wilderness. 

Native Files and Prints

     The images on this site have a maximum dimension of 640 pixels to accommodate displays as small as 800x600. Most images are uncropped with native resolution of 5 (DSC-707) or 8.3 mega pixels (Canon 20D). I adjust Shadow detail and other parameters as appropriate using Photoshop CS. Larger prints are interpolated with Genuine Fractals™ for printing (see Purchase Prints).